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On a Sunday afternoon in August 2018, we were coming into the No Wake Zone at Ryder’s Cove and our three kids were jumping around, arguing, scrapping a bit, and --- overall – just being LOUD. We couldn’t calm them down heading into the dock until I reminded them, “Guys, it’s the No Wake Zone --- you have to chill out!”. Which – to our surprise -- they did!  Later that night (after a Tequila or two) the idea for No Wake was born.

At times, couldn’t all of us use a reminder to pull back on the volume, stress, anxiety and just focus on and appreciate the moment in front of us?

What if we could do something that helped us remember to focus on the positive, and signaled that priority to those around us?

Three years later and we continue to do our small part to promote positivity--- and having an ABSOLUTE BLAST doing it!

A huge THANKS to all the “No Wakers” out there and your humbling support! 🥰

xo - Michele